Hefen-A Getaway

Hefen-A Getaway

Last summer, we told you to call off your search for the perfect Hefeweizen because Galveston Island Brewing had found it in Hefen-A. The brew is still perfection but the search is officially back on for GOLD CAN LIDS!

These special lids have been placed in randomly selected 6 packs of Hefen-A. Find the lucky can and you could win a weekend getaway at the Galveston Island Brewing Beer Haus. If you find a gold can lid, head to the brewery with your can in hand to claim your GIB t-shirt. You will then be entered to win the grand prize Hefen-A Getaway for 2!

Hefen-A is a classic wheat beer brewed with all German ingredients in a traditional Bavarian style. Banana and clove notes are created with strict fermentation temperatures developed in Europe. This beer is only around for summer so get it while you can.

Are you ready to Get Away with Hefen-A?

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