Summer Crushes

Summer Crushes

We’re telling you everything you need to know about Summer Crushes. And we’re not talking about the person that caught your eye last weekend at the beach! Our definition is a little different:

sum·mer crush
A sessionable beer that has low ABV and is in a crushable aluminum can. Perfect for summertime activities by a beach or a pool.

Hot summer days require all-day-sipping. Summer Crushes are perfect for just that! Pack your cooler full of our summertime favorites. Don’t see one of your favorites? Comment your favorite Summer Crush below and we’ll add it to our packing list. Cheers!

Twisted X Gulf Kolsch
Fill your cooler with this Kölsch-style blonde as you make your way to the Texas Gulf Coast. Made with a blend of the finest European and Domestic malts for a smooth taste and clean finish.

Four Corners Local Buzz
What is the buzz all about? Let us tell you: a crisp and delicious golden ale brewed with honey. Naturally sweet and refreshing for the hottest summer day.

Saint Arnold Original Dry Cider
Featuring notes of your favorite summer fruits including apple, pear, melon, and citrus fruits. A touch of sweetness delivers a refreshingly light but complex balance and clean, dry finish. And it’s naturally gluten free.

Karbach Cherry Limeade Radler
Karbach’s Radler is a blend of cherry, lime, and golden beer that is sure to quench a Texas-sized thirst! A perfect afternoon pick-me-up after your latest summertime adventure.

8th Wonder Haterade
Summer is for a lot of things, but it’s not for the haters. Haterade has a sour & salty twist that helps shake them haters off. This refreshing beer pokes fun at the sour pusses in this world. Quit being so salty. Lighten up, grab a Haterade and enjoy!

Galveston Island Causeway Kolsch
Cross the causeway and dive into island time with Causeway Kolsch. Just what you want on a hot summer day: light and crisp.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Let the intense aromas of pine and citrus take you to the mountains. Inspired by the mountains, take a can of Pale Ale with you for your next adventure.

There you have your Summer Crush Recap. Remember, when by the pool or at the beach, bring your cans not bottles. And always Summer Crush Responsibly!

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